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Rewards For Everyone With Our Exclusive Pay Plan

At Quantum Lifestyle we utilize both the binary and unilevel compensation plans to offer our affiliates 9 ways to get paid.

Earn weekly and log term residual pay. Quantum Lifestyle utilizes both a hybrid binary/unilevel compensation plan offering our affiliates 9 ways to get paid.

We provide weekly and log term residual

  1. Retail Profit – Earn the difference between wholesale and retail cost
  2. Preferred Customer Bonus – Earn while your preferred customers save
  3. Fast Start Bonus – Earn while you build a team
  4. Binary Bonus – Earn up to 20% on your dual team volume
  5. Unilevel Bonus – Earn up to seven (7) levels deep with compression, from your direct team
  6. Matching Bonus – Earn as you help your team achieve success
  7. Dream Bonus – Quarterly Performance Bonus
  8. Prosperity Bonus – Quarterly Performance Bonus
  9. Elite Bonus – Quarterly Performance Bonus


Commissions are paid to you via a branded virtual and physical debit card

  • Can be used at merchants worldwide

  • Can be used at ATM’s worldwide

  • Can be used for online purchases

  • Send money to other affiliates

Quantum Lifestyle Compensation Plan

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